2018 has come to an end within a short period and 2018 must have been many ups and downs for everybody. Whether 2018 was sad, happy or a mixture of both, 2019 will always be a brand new start. Traditionally, many people will write down their New Year's resolutions including promotions, academic successes, mental and physical health and etc. For physical health, most of the people will decide to become a gym member to lost weight. When you decide to hit the gym, here are 5 important things in contributing your new year's resolution at the gym.


A bag is very essential for you to have a successful workout. You can put a water bottle, keys, membership card, underwear, cloths and many other things. Without a bag, it would be an awkward experience in working out with your keys, cards and phones in one or two pockets. A bag, ideally, a gym bag get you out of that situation with pleasure.

There are many good gym bags manufactured by famous brand such as Nike and Adidas. You can also run a check on Amazon for a gym bag with a much more affordable price.

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Water is very essential to almost all the living creatures. For human, water consists 60-65% of our body. If your gym does not happen to have water fountains, having a big-capacity water bottle filled with water can really be your day-saving hero.

As for the recommendation of water bottles, it would be always a wise choice to have large-volume and a fast grip if you want to mix the supplements with water by shaking. Amazon offers a wide range of choices for water bottles from cheap to expensive ones.

Sports Shoes

People always start their gym routines by a 10-25 minutes walking or jogging. In this scenario, your shoes are playing an important role on the threadmills or in jogging outside. While there is no evidence saying that wearing sports shoes can make a difference, wearing wrong pair of shoes could literally put your health at risk of injuries including feet, knee, thigh and etc.

For sports shoes, here are several aspects you might want to look over. Comfort, airflow, endurance(depends on how far/often you run). There are many sports shoes ranging from 20 bucks to over 300. However, there is usually not much difference between $50 shoes and $200 shoes in terms of comfort and endurance. The $150 difference consists of warranty, brand name, popularity and designs. You could wear an expensive pair of Air Jordan 1 or just a pair of normal shoes. Your choice.

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Fitness app

For rookies, passion is never their problems. However, how to turn passion into persistence and how to train properly instead of injuring their bodies are still two hard problems for rookies. In this case, a fitness app can really provide helps in tracking the your training status, providing a healthy diet plan and offering training videos. The fitness app is not necessary for the old-school bodybuilder, but hey, why not?

There are many options either for IOS or Android. There is really not much difference between the top 5 downloaded fitness apps. Many bodybuilders recommend the My Fitness Pal since it enable bodybuilder to look up the calories of their food on the app rather than to google it. The apps really help you to maintain your passion and turn your exercising into a routine!

Wireless Earbuds

We need music! When exercising, few can really resist the desire to listen to the music. Especially nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone for daily use. The access to your lovely play tracks is so easy. When it comes to listening music, many people can only have two options for earphones: wired or Bluetooth. However, Bluetooth earbuds always come in way more handy than the wire earbuds. Imagine, when you are running, and the wires are literally jumping. When you are pushing weight, the not-so-comfortable wire keep sliding down your neck. And of course, it happens so often and is so annoying that when your earbuds are forcefully pulled off from your ears and result into a sudden pain. A pair of the truly wireless earbuds really deserve an applause since it saves our time and energy from wasting in using the wired earbuds when trainer trying to untangle the mess-up wires. Of course, the wired earphone does not need to charge what-so-ever, which could be a concern.

HAVIT's G1 Series Earbuds are designed for sports lovers. The G1 is IPX5 WaterProof, Bluetooth 5.0, True Wireless Earbuds. For a single use, the earbuds can last from 1.5 to 2.5 hours depends on the volume. Once the batteries are drained, by simply placing the earbuds into the charging case, it will only take at most 20 minutes for the earbuds to recharge to its full power. Also, with its ergonomics design, as long as you wear the earbuds properly, the earbuds will never fall off without external forces.

Start Your 2019 New Year's Resolution Gym Plan Today

Here are the 5 things that you need to achieve your goal at the gym for your New Year's resolution! Let's get rid off the habits of watching Netflix while eating chips. This is 2019, a new beginning for everyone.


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